Fireworlds (remastered)

by Schroedinger's Cat



so it seems fireworlds is finished
Fireworlds 1
Universal Desaster

liner notes:
This album is part of the Magick Rainbow worlds and it is tagged as *red* . the rainbow worlds are about lot of different shapes of planets and stars in different views so this is the view of the fire as the first of each planet before they get cold stones.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my son Iain stanley 06.08.87-10.10.2009
Thanks to all our fans, friends, supporters and to my family; also to Rob Tarana and Cosmic Andy, Autohaus Gass-Rhaunen, thanks To Juanita and last not least to Nummer Neunzehn . He remastered the whole album. Love you brother!
Thanks to Sendelica, Aurora, Morvenna, , Musik Marketing Worms, Will Greenwood,, Proggirl Helia, Sonia Mota.t, Neil, Sue, Helen, Frodo,

thanks also to Manu and Alex-this world would be empty without you!!
also dedicated to Gerard Hubert-our leadguitarplayer.was a honour to meet you this life!!
Where are you my old friends and bandmates? this could be our album but you are gone?
Greetz to you no matter if dead or alive!!!

Conclusion, Rhaunen July 2015,
since this album was released in November 2013 a lot of things happened. lot ofn bandmates have passed away this last 18 months, but I have won me fight against some evil friends inside meself.
Will I love you brother-wherever you are it was a honour to meet and to work with you.
Gerard and Jacques I'm still speechless.
Angelo and Massimo and Claudia mlove to you me first cat luneip. I am totally sad about your death, was always a pleasure to popp in and talk about old times.we had those awesome sessions in the begtinnings and also later. Miss you me lovely ones. Arriverdeci
Now affter 26 years of madness I think it is time to change it a bit

Rhaunen, 20th of July 2015, Iain the hawk


released July 20, 2015

Lord Aliain: bulbul tarang, electric sitar, vocals and voice, efx, organ, synths, guitars, bass, mellotron, programmings, lyrics, artwork, mastering.
this album was recorded between October 1st and October 26th in the YRAAL studios, Rhaunen, Germany 2013
Yraal catalogue number y084 all rights reserved (c) 2013
Remastered by Nummer Neunzehn, spring 2015



all rights reserved


Schroedinger's Cat Cardigan, UK

Schroedinger's Cat was formed 1989 in Rome, Italy.after 1300 gigs in 27 years and a lot of albums, they decided to retire from stage after 2016 for a little while coz health issues

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